Welcome Team Bahrain to Young Chef Olympiad

Bahraini cuisine refers to the cuisine of The Kingdom of Bahrain, a small island state near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain produces only a small amount of its food requirements due to limited land space, and imports much of its food.

Popular Bahraini Cuisine

Popular Cuisine

  • Fatayer
  • Hummus
  • Pita Bread
  • Jerusalem mixed grill
  • Kebab

Popular Beverage

  • Turkish coffee
  • Strong Arabic coffee and tea
  • Arak (aniseed flavoured grape spirit)
  • Beer

Popular Dessert

  • Baklava
  • Halwa
  • Kunafa
  • Umm alli

About Young Chef Olympiad

Young Student Chefs from 67+ nations after getting selected from different colleges from 67+ nations, will fly down to India on 26th January (67th republic day for India) to represent their country in a cook-off that will last 4 days starting 29th January to 1st February. The results will be collated and the Grand Finale is scheduled on Monday 1st February 2015 at Kolkata.

Young Chef Olympiad Team for Bahrain


Student Chef: Michelle Pinto


College: Bahrain Institute for Hospitality and Retail


Hosting Team: IIHM Delhi

About Young Chef Michelle Pinto


I would describe myself as a cooking enthusiast. I gained interest in cooking since the early age of eleven by watching cookery shows. Currently pursuing a Diploma in hotel and tourism management to learn more about the culinary world and achieve my goal of becoming a chef. I will continue to work hard and put in all necessary efforts to make this dream come true. I still watch many cookery shows and competitions to gain and improve my knowledge about different ingredients and cooking techniques used in different parts of the world.
Participating in this Olympiad would be a great opportunity for me to meet people of different racial backgrounds with the similar interest.

About the participating college


Bahrain Institute of Hospitality and Retail (BIHR) was first established as Baisan Institute of Hospitality Management (BIHM) in 1999 by the Dadabai Group as an initiative to meet the local demand for hospitality professionals by offering locally relevant but internationally recognized qualifications of the highest possible standards. Logistically, BIHR was ideally placed to take advantage of the opportunity presented. The Group’s vast experience within the hospitality and tourism industry translated into a wealth of data crucial to defining the Institute’s curriculum, training standards, policies and procedures. Over the last decade, BIHR has been performing as a learning institute evolving around market demands producing over 4,000 graduates who have been placed in job positions in Bahrain’s hospitality and tourism industry. From the past experience, BIHR has been collecting and analyzing lessons learned and those have been used as reference to formulate and redesign existing programs to accommodate the skills gap identified by Tamkeen in the hospitality and tourism sector. Feedback from the stakeholders is seen as a valuable contribution to the development of BIHR programs. Employers’ needs, government agencies rules and guideline as well as student suggestions have become an integral part of the Institute’s development process. Within the next ten years, the hospitality and tourism industry is expected to triple in size. By the year 2020, this industry is predicted to be the largest industry in the world. Most of this incredible growth will be witnessed in regions which are currently underdeveloped from a tourism point of view and the Middle East with its vast untapped potential is no exception. The issue is high on the agenda as regional governments, especially since tourism represents attractive foreign exchange revenue as well as diversified employment avenues for the younger generation.
As one of the world’s fastest growing tourism markets, the Middle East will see demand for skilled hospitality professionals increasing exponentially with every passing year and supplying the industry with high-caliber specialists will become a top priority. Education and Training abroad is not only cost prohibitive but also counter-productive since Middle Eastern hospitality has a distinctive character and flavor, which international education institutions cannot easily impart. In fact, this is one of the many reasons behind the spectacular success of BIHR, an acknowledged leader in the field of hospitality training and education which offers a truly customized, yet internationally recognized approach tocreating world class hospitality professionals.
As part of Bahrain’s leading and dynamic hospitality and tourism sector, BIHR is ideally placed to understand and cater to the hospitality and tourism industry’s manpower requirements from service level staff to upper management cadres.

The Country's Culinary World

  • Top Chefs
    • Gary Rhodes
    • Pierre Gagnaire
    • Atul Kochhar
    • Nobuyuki Matsuhisa
    • Luke Thomas
  • Top Colleges
    • University of Bahrain
    • Arabian Gulf University
    • Ahlia University

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