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Bangladeshi cuisine is the national cuisine of Bangladesh. It is dominated by Bengali cuisine and has been shaped by the diverse history and riverine geography of Bangladesh. The country has a tropical monsoon climate.Rice is the main staple of Bangladesh and is served with a wide range of curries. Sublime Bangladeshi dishes exhibit strongaromatic flavors; and often include eggs, potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines. A variety of spices and herbs, along with mustard oil and ghee, is used in Bangladeshi cooking.

Popular Bangladeshi Cuisine

Popular Cuisine

  • Plain rice
  • Sauted or fried vegetable with green or fried chilly and other spices
  • Fish or Meat Jhol
  • Dal
  • Milk and rice
  • Bhaji
  • Chingri Malai curry

Popular Beverage

  • Cha (milky sweet tea)
  • Lassi (yoghurt drink)
  • Coconut water

Popular Dessert

  • Sandesh
  • Rosomalai
  • Monthal
  • Milk burfi
  • ChumChum
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Gajar Ka Halwa
  • Jalebi
  • Rasgulla

About Young Chef Olympiad

Young Student Chefs from 67+ nations after getting selected from different colleges from 67+ nations, will fly down to India on 26th January (67th republic day for India) to represent their country in a cook-off that will last 4 days starting 29th January to 1st February. The results will be collated and the Grand Finale is scheduled on Monday 1st February 2015 at Kolkata.

Young Chef Olympiad Team for Bangladesh


Student Chef: Nayab Bin Manzur


College: National Hotel & Tourism Training Institute


Hosting Team: IIHM Bangalore

About Young Chef Nayab Bin Manzur


At first thanks to Almighty ALLAH. Then thanks to my honorable teachers for whom I am here today. Let me introduce myself to all of you. Well I would start introducing myself with my name. This is Nayab Bin Manzur. I was born in Dhaka district. From my birth I am living here with our joint family. I completed SSC getting GPA 3.75 in Business Studies. Then I appeared in HSC examination. I would like to set myself in a position of the career which will provide me with much prestige and honor. I have achieved some goals up to now. Though the achievements are small, I feel proud for my laborious achievement.
Man is different from other for his or her morality. I feel my mentality has made different from others. In conclusion, I should offer a memorable answer to the question, the listeners probably will have, when they listen to my public speaking speech: what’s in it for me? I would like to tell how this aspect of my life makes who I am and what I am. It will be the perfect ending of my self introduction speech.

About the participating college


Tourism is an income generating activity of the highest importance in the current world and holds great economic promise for the developing countries. Recognizing the need for training in all areas involved with tourism development, the National Hotel & Tourism Training Institute (NHTTI) was established in 1974 under Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (The National Tourism Organization).
Besides offering regular courses, NHTTI in 1994 as a test case for the first time started a two year long diploma in Hotel Management Course. Hence, Diploma certificate in Hotel Management Course has been re-introduced on a regular basis. The institute also provides in-service and on the job training for BPC personnel and arrange special seminar and workshop related to tourism development.

The Country's Culinary World

  • Top Chefs
    • Ahmed Hossain
    • Fakruddin
    • Asad latif
  • Top Colleges
    • National Institute of Hotel Management Bangladesh
    • National Hotel And Tourism Training Institute

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