Welcome Team Cambodia to Young Chef Olympiad

Khmer cuisine or, more generally, Cambodian cuisine, is the traditional cuisine of the people of Cambodia. Average meals typically consists of more than one dish and ideally contrasts flavours, textures and temperatures within the meal using plenty of herbs, leaves, pickled vegetables, dipping sauces, edible flowers and other garnishes and condiments.

Popular Cambodian Cuisine

Popular Cuisine

  • Amok, Kroeung
  • Mee
  • Kola

Popular Beverage

  • Fresh coconut juice
  • Green tea
  • Rice wine
  • Khmer drink

Popular Dessert

  • Kuay Namuan
  • Banana Rice Pudding
  • Coconut Custard
  • Borbo Lpaov

About Young Chef Olympiad

Young Student Chefs from 67+ nations after getting selected from different colleges from 67+ nations, will fly down to India on 26th January (67th republic day for India) to represent their country in a cook-off that will last 4 days starting 29th January to 1st February. The results will be collated and the Grand Finale is scheduled on Monday 1st February 2015 at Kolkata.

Young Chef Olympiad Team for Cambodia


Student Chef: PHAT MOROKOT




Hosting Team: IIHM Kolkata

About Young Chef PHAT MOROKOT


I am Phat Morokot from Cambodia taking a Professional Chef course at KSK Cooking School. I have been interested in cooking since i studied in Malaysia with my brother. I felt happy to see my brother smile while he was eating my food. This passionate push me to open my own restaurant when I go back to Cambodia. I want to get this feeling from everybody like I get from my brother. To start up my own restaurant i need to fulfill my own ability by studying the Professional Chef course at KSK Cooking School where is the well-known training center in Cambodia with high knowledge and experience of cooking lecturer. At the end I wish to share the taste of my feel to everybody all over the world by joining the Young Chef Olympiad competition.

About the participating college


KSK Cooking School is one of the top cooking schools in Cambodia which has found by Mrs. Kek Sokkheng since 20th June, 2011. The purposes of creating this school are:
1. To boost the economy in Cambodia.
2. To train students a specific skill for living.
3. To teach how to cook healthy European and Asian foods.
Mrs. Kek Sokheng is also both school’s director and teacher here. She has many years of cooking and teaching experiences from many countries.
What cooking skills are teaching at KSK?
We teach many kind of cooking skills depend on the need of our students. We have many classes which will teach you how to make European cake and food, dessert, drink, Khmer Food, Asian food and other types of foods. We don’t focus only taste but also quality of foods, so we use only healthy recipe in our classes. KSK’s study time is flexible, it can be morning, afternoon, evening or weekend, to match the student requirement.

Mostly, who are KSK Cooking School’s students?
Most of KSK’s students are house wife, salary man & woman, business man & woman, restaurant staff and owner, foreigner and Cambodian who live abroad. As of the end of 2014, KSK has around 3000 students from everywhere in Cambodia.

The Country's Culinary World

  • Top Chefs
    • Luu Meng
  • Top Colleges
    • KSK Cooking School

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