Welcome Team England to Young Chef Olympiad

English cuisine encompasses the cooking styles, traditions and recipes associated with England. It has distinctive attributes of its own, but also shares much with wider British cuisine, partly through the importation of ingredients and ideas from North America, China, and India during the time of the British Empire and as a result of post-war immigration.
Traditional meals have ancient origins, such as bread and cheese, roasted and stewed meats, meat and game pies, boiled vegetables and broths, and freshwater and saltwater fish.

Popular English Cuisine

Popular Cuisine

  • Bedfordshire clanger
  • Bangers and mash
  • Beef cobbler
  • Black peas
  • Black pudding

Popular Beverage

  • Barley
  • Caffeinated Drinks

Popular Dessert

  • Angel Delight
  • Bakewell tart
  • Banoffee pie
  • Carrot cake
  • Cherries jubilee
  • Cobbler

About Young Chef Olympiad

Young Student Chefs from 67+ nations after getting selected from different colleges from 67+ nations, will fly down to India on 26th January (67th republic day for India) to represent their country in a cook-off that will last 4 days starting 29th January to 1st February. The results will be collated and the Grand Finale is scheduled on Monday 1st February 2015 at Kolkata.

Young Chef Olympiad Team for England


Student Chef: Prachi Mehta


College: University of West London


Hosting Team: IIHM Pune

About Young Chef Prachi Mehta


I am a 20 year old student studying at the University of West London. I am a very enthusiastic chef and am willing to use all my knowledge, education and experience to thrive through any challenges and boundaries in my professional and personal life. Living in the UK on my own, away from my parents, has made me a more determined and stronger individual. I am able to make more crucial decisions on my own. I love facing new challenges but above all I love overcoming them. My lectures at the University help me build up my conficence. I enjoy following and learning the new trends and cuisine that new chefs are trying. I always incorporate them in developing new dishes.

About the participating college


The London College of Hospitality and Tourism is one of the leading centres of excellence in the field of Hospitality and Tourism in the world.  It has won many awards and is a Centre of Excellence.  The College has superb resources and a teaching staff who are highly qualified and who are active practitioners in the industry. With over six decades of teaching excellence the school offers a range of expert courses designed to put students at the centre of this dynamic and constantly growing service sector. More than 1,500 students are now studying on a range of courses such as Hospitality, Tourism, Airline and Airport, Business Travel and Tourism, Events Management and Food Studies. The College enjoys many industrial links and works with over 400 companies and employers world-wide. Many of its graduates are now Chief Executives, Senior Managers, Executive Chefs, Authors, Advisors, Consultants and Lectures in Industry.  We are proud of our Alumni who continue to support the College and its work.
Studying at the University of West London could be the beginning of a successful career; changing the life of any person aspiring to follow a professional career in the world of hospitality and tourism.

The Country's Culinary World

  • Top Chefs
    • Michel Roux Jr
    • Brian Turner
    • Tom Aikens
  • Top Colleges
    • London College Of Hospitality and Tourism
    • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management
    • Keith Prouse University

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