Welcome Team HongKong to Young Chef Olympiad

Hong Kong cuisine is mainly influenced by Cantonese cuisine, non-Cantonese Chinese cuisine (especially Teochew, and Hakka, Hokkienand the Jiangsu & Zhejiang), the Western world, Japan, and Southeast Asia, due to Hong Kong’s past as a British colony and long history of being an international city of commerce. From the roadside stalls to the most upscale restaurants, Hong Kong provides an unlimited variety of food in every class. Complex combinations and international gourmet expertise have given Hong Kong the reputable labels of “Gourmet Paradise” and “World’s Fair of Food”
Population:7.188 million as in 2013

Popular HongKong Cuisine

Traditional Dishes

  • Pork cutlet
  • Kai-lan
  • baked pork chop rice

Popular Beverage

  • Beer and breweries in Hong Kong‎

Popular Dessert

  • Sweet red bean soup
  • Tofu pudding
  • Tongyuen
  • Mango pudding
  • Durian desserts

About Young Chef Olympiad

Young Student Chefs from 67+ nations after getting selected from different colleges from 67+ nations, will fly down to India on 26th January (67th republic day for India) to represent their country in a cook-off that will last 4 days starting 29th January to 1st February. The results will be collated and the Grand Finale is scheduled on Monday 1st February 2015 at Kolkata.


Student Chef: Chan Chun Ho




Hosting Team: IIHM Kolkata

About Young Chef Chan Chun Ho


Despite of being at the age of 23, I am rather a freshman in the world of gastronomy indeed. Thanks to the sophisticated and organized training provided by my college, I could proudly present myself as a qualified trainee chef required with al the essential skills and knowledge required to participate the competition. It would absolutely be a mind-opening and life-long experience for me to have the honor visiting different major cities of India, while showing my talent to the chefs from all around of the world, while of course, at the some time learning from others.

About the participating college


The International Culinary Institute (ICI) aims to develop professional talent for the catering, wine and hospitality sectors to support Hong Kong’s growing reputation as one of the world’s top cities for dining. ICI offers a wide spectrum of training in international cuisines, including European, Mediterranean, Latin American, Asian, Middle Eastern and more. With its state-of-the-art facilities, ICI provides theoretical and practical training for people aspiring to acquire or advance their skills for a career in culinary arts. The programmes also offer diversified progression pathways leading to various professional qualifications.
ICI’s practical approach combining real-world training with knowledge of cuisine, culture and science gives graduates a competitive edge while creating a pool of qualified talent to support the growth and sustainability of the hospitality and tourism sector in Asia’s World City and the region.
A new purpose-built complex will be in operation in 2018, further enhancing the vibrant environment for learning “the professional way” from experienced instructors and renowned visiting chefs.

The Country's Culinary World

  • Top Chefs
    • Richard Ekkebus
    • Olivier Elzer
    • Chung Kin-leung
  • Top Colleges
    • HTM , School Of Hotel Managment PENN STATE

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